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Welcome to Silhouette's "Health" Cafe

Coffees and Teas

Silhouette's Choice of coffees and teas are all infused with herbs that are suitable to improve your entire health and wellness. Whether you are looking to shake the jitters or lose weight, we have a coffee or tea that best suits you.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful plant medicines that are use to compliment pharmaceutical drugs or can be used to replace over the counter medicine. Silhouette's Essentials are 100% pure essential oils at a price you can afford.

Skin Care

One of our most popular skin care products are our Jamaican Delight Shea Butters. These are effective for treatment of dry skin, aiding with skin issues such as ezcema.We also carry massage bars that are made with the finest and purest ingredients.


Dry Herbs and Spices

Silhouette's Cafe has a selection of fine and organic herbs and spices that are sure to satisfy your flavor desires.


Live healthy & manage your weight through a variety of products including shakes and other amazingly tasty supplements!


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